2018 the year of Brand, Culture and Communication.

2017 was the year of change at Design Force, we worked with fantastic clients, collaborating together to solve Wicked Problems that they faced throughout the year.

From playing an interactive board game with 650 colleagues that has inspired a digital transformation journey to helping an organisation increase its membership via a unique and innovative campaign through to helping schools develop their own unique Brand.

If 2017 was the year of change, we have christened 2018 the year of Brand, Culture and Communication.

We believe everyone and every organisation has a story to tell, that’s why we love to help create stories, that stand out from the crowd.

At Design Force we create experiences that help organisations tell their own unique story, we do this by making change simple, We use the power of Brand, Culture and Communication to drive positive change, for your people, for your customers and for your business.

So why is 2018 the year of Brand,Culture and Communication?

We believe Brand, Culture and People are the engine of change. They are the driving force behind the organisation you are looking to build or strengthen. They can help make the decisions you need for your organisation to shine and inspire the culture you want to create.

So why not be a part of our journey and get in touch. Connect with us on LinkedIn and share the stories you want to tell to your colleagues, customers and stakeholders, why not share one or more of your Wicked Problems, we would love to help you solve them.

We all love Social Media so end you post with the hashtag #DaretoDREAM, we all have dreams that inspire what we do so why not share some of your dreams with us.

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